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Profiles of Exhibiting Photographers

Picture of Philip Redman

Philip Redman

A / Diploma Arts-Photography - (Distinctions) S.I.T.

"Photography was developed to capture a moment in time.  A great photographer develops his skill to capture a moments essence.
My favourite photographer is Petr Malek.  He'll go to any length, try any and every technique and technology or use any chemical process to complete his vision."

Philip was born in the country town of Inverell, NSW but moved to Bondi, Sydney in the early 1960's.  In 1972 Philip bought his first SLR camera, a German built Praktica and in 1976 he completed his first paid wedding job.  In 1979 he trained in Systems Support, administering and programming IBM System 34 Computers.  In 1988 he published a Forensic Photography Manual for NSW Police.  This was followed by numerous publications and manuals on various forms of specialised forensic photography, including Digital Imaging and Image / Video Enhancement Techniques.  In 1993 he graduated from Sydney Institute of Technology after completing a 4 year A/ Diploma in Arts-Photography.  He achieved first place in each year of the diploma and was awarded distinctions for the overall course.  He was also awarded a NSW TAFE Commission State Medal.  In 1994 Philip became chairman of the External Review Panel - a panel of Industry Experts compiled to review the Certificate and Diploma in Photography courses at Sydney Institute of Technology.

Philip is a self confessed "Geek" with a great deal of computer and imaging technical skill and many years of experience. He was a member of the Professional Photographers Association of Australia, the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, and the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society.
He is currently a member of the International Association of Arson Investigators.

Picture of Petr Malek

Petr Malek

A / Diploma Arts-Photography - S.I.T.

Petr Malek has been exhibiting fine art photography for many years in Sydney and the Blue Mountains.  His images hang in many private homes in Australia, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, and Germany.

He studied at Penrith TAFE to obtain a Photography Certificate and then at the Sydney Institute of Technology to obtain an Associate Diploma of Art – Photography, which established him as a commercial practicing photographer. After attending a printing course given by John Sexton in California, USA, he felt inspired to share gained knowledge with upcoming photographers.
(John was an assistant to the late Ansel Adams.)  He realized that photography is not only a viable commercial enterprise but also a very visually exiting art form.

This has resulted in photographic workshops in the Blue Mountains, which have been operating for over 15 years.  He teaches analog and lately digital camera handling, darkroom techniques and alternative photographic processes.  This has now extended to teaching photography and digital manipulation in U3A Penrith.

Over the last few years, a diverse experimentation with different photographic styles, developing techniques and digital processing has culminated in an unique approach to photography and photographic printing technique.

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