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About Photographers Gallery

This gallery was set up to promote the work of Professional Photographers in Australia

Often the work of professional photographers goes unrecognised by the public.  Photographers work away in their studios or in the field creating images for their clients.  Some Photographers like Petr Malek display their work in Art Galleries, others have portfolios and private collections that are sometimes only seen by a few.

Crystal Focus

Crystal Focus Photography was originally registered in New South Wales, Australia as a commercial photographic business specialising in commercial, fashion, sports and forensic Photography.  As digital imaging developed and the photographic industry changed, so did both my own diversity and my business.  In doing so I became more of a 'geek' and now offer both computer and photographic services.  Hence the re-registering of the business as Crystal Focus.

Photographers Gallery was registered specifically in Australia as a business to allow Professional Photographers to exhibit and sell their work.

Philip Redman

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